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Pascal Berthier Pascal Berthier Pascal Berthier Pascal Berthier Pascal Berthier Pascal Berthier

"My motto: to never stop listening to my land! My vineyard is a part of me just as much as I am a part of it. "

Pascal Berthier

I’ve always needed to stay close to my land, my luxury is to live here, where nature instills a different understanding of time where patience and tenacity rule. I like to pamper the lands that are the legacy of conscious people and because of that with every sip of my wine emerges pleasure and truth.

For 25 years, through the production of my white and red wines of Mâconnais and Beaujolais I’ve tried to find the taste of the past, going back to my roots and to reduce my footprint.

I like to listen and exchange with consumers of wine to understand from them and to challenge myself to continually move ahead.

Investing myself in Terroirs Originels has brought about the human experience I need. I trace my way serenely in the footsteps left by previous generations and surrounded by my fellow winemakers we pave a path of renewal in the region in which we live, share, and work.

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